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Know Your Rights Under California Law

California has one of the strongest and best lemon laws in the United States. The California lemon law gives you a remedy if:

• Your car has been in the shop for repairs under the warranty

• Your car has defects that significantly affect its value, its safety, or your ability to use it

• The manufacturer hasn’t been able to fix it after a “reasonable” number of tries

You Could Be Entitled To More Than You Think! The Manufacturer Pays All Your Attorney Fees.

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In many cases our clients have received much more than they expected, this is mainly because there are many other laws that protect consumers. We are trained and experienced in all aspects from manufacturer warranties to State and Federal Laws that protect you and can result in an increase in your compensation.

The Kinds of Remedies You Could Get

There are several possible remedies if you have a valid lemon law claim, depending on your situation:

• You may be able to sell the car back to the manufacturer for what you paid, less a reduction based on your use of the car
• You may be entitled to a replacement car
• There are other damages you could be entitled to, depending on your situation

We are lemon law attorneys who can negotiate for you and get you the best possible result.

What is a “reasonable” number of repair attempts?

It depends. Here are the most important factors:

• How serious is the problem? Is it one that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury if you drive the car?• You may be entitled to a replacement car
• How many days has the car been in the shop for repairs of warranty problems?

Usually, a minor defect won’t make your car a lemon. But there could be something about your circumstances or you yourself that makes a difference. Our lemon law attorneys are ready to talk to you to answer your questions—call us today.

The California Lemon Law applies in general with some exceptions to:

New, used or leased vehicles, which also includes motorcycles, boats or recreational vehicles when:

• There are two or more repairs that would be considered likely to cause death or serious bodily injury.
• The same nonconforming repair four or more times
• The vehicle is out of service for more than 30 calendar days since delivery

If we are successful on your California lemon law claim or lawsuit, the manufacturer will pay the attorney’s fees and court costs. These costs will not come out of your portion of the settlement.

Once the vehicle qualifies, you have three options under California lemon law:

1. Refund of Money (Buyback) – The manufacturer returns your money and pays off the balance of the vehicle loan.

2. Replace – The manufacturer at your choice provides you with a new vehicle under the same terms as your prior contract.

You may also be entitled to other reimbursements such as

3. Cash Settlement (Cash and Keep) – You choose to keep the vehicle less a diminished value of the vehicle because of the defect.

Incidental Costs- Additional repair, towing and rental costs.
Punitive Damages-  In some rare instances if we need to go to trial, we can get additional fees over the actual losses. You pay nothing out of your pocket for us to go to trial and we only get paid if we win at trial.

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